"Suzanne Smith is a very gifted cellist. Very sensitive,
extremely intelligent, and a most pleasant character. She
deserves a place in the music world either as a performer or
teacher and I recommend her most highly."
Bernard Greenhouse

Young Professional Beginner Adult Student Intermediate Chamber music: cellochan performs at UM Gift of Art
Beginner Intermediate Intermediate Advanced Conservatory Prep


To help students experience the joy of music-making;

To employ the cello as a tool in the work of self-esteem;

To cultivate service to others through music

Suzanne created cellochan in 1995

Suzanne Smith

Director * Teacher * Performing Artist
Suzanne is an experienced cello teacher with over 30 years of experience. She is a dedicated mentor, teacher, and highly skilled performer. Her students go on to become professionals or amateurs who value playing the cello from many different perspectives. What makes this cello school unique is its teaching style, philosophy, & holistic approach to the art of cello playing. It offers frequent performance opportunities, ensemble coaching, a family concert, home concerts, and more. During the annual summer cello retreat, CelloChanWoods, cellists learn ways to resolve physical tension, increase confidence, & build concentration.

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